Success Stories

Weight loss, firness and wellness, feeling confident,  body shape

Alicia M:

"I feel so much more alive since I joined with Anne. I realise that I had put my life on hold, waiting for that magical day when I would be slim and could do all the things that I wanted.  This membership has given me extra energy and I am a much better Mum as well..." 


Xavier W:

"I was a big overeater , constantly opening the fridge, almost on autopilot. The weight was piling on and I was almost ready to go for surgery; luckily I took the option of the Weight  and Wellness membershup as I can see now it wasn't my stomach that needed fixing, it was my mind." 


Tricia P:

"My safe place was eating, in the car or wherever, totally out of control. This emotional eating had driven me to have a lap-band 5 years ago, which worked well for a while, but had no long term benefit. My health was failing, but since working with Anne I nourish myself  and the family well, with fresh, real food, and look forward to getting back to sport."


Helen C:

"I was hooked on cola and fried food (not sweet)! and almost went crazy trying to use willpower to stop, after gaining a massive amount of weight over 6 months. The Weight and Wellness Membership helped me quit the coke and the fried foods and people are commenting on how good I look."


Susan B:

"I was sceptical about Weight and Wellness at first because I have tried so many diets, and failed.  When I got the idea that this approach has nothing to do with dieting, everything clicked into place,  and I am so happy to have finally reached my goal, easily. I can enjoy life again and  many other changes have happened, for the good."


Shane S:

"As a FIFO worker I put away a huge amount of greasy food, just because it was there, with a huge problem with weight. The Weight and Wellness Membership helped me choose fresh, real foods and really enjoy the light options, as the weight melted away. I was able to be more active as well, at works and home. Thank you Anne!"