the "Well Power Diet system" Membership Includes:

lose weight with the 12 month membership

Everything you need to release weight and feel great

The solution for wellness and the ideal shape and size is available as a dynamic 12 month membership, for the same cost as a smoothie each week.  100s of resources; constant support and  no more diets; no gym memberships, no surgery!

Get  real relief from frustration with a  transformational mind shift, and confidence. 

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First, the Basics:

When you join you can kick start your transformational journey by watching the video series especially designed to create a fresh . liberating mindset around food, eating, weight and feeling great. 

Get  family and friends involved so you're all speaking the same language...the language of wellness and wisdom. As well as videos there is the "Well Power Diet System" e-book; podcats, mindful eating resources and so much more over the year. With this much support you will succeed!

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Fresh News:

As  a "Complete Body Blueprint System" Member you receive helpful, interesting weekly news around weight and wellness issues, straight to your inbox.

There is so much information out there that it is overwhelming, however each week I  detoxify the news and ensure it is evidence based.

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Guided Meditations:

Designed to harmonise mind and body and increase self confidence and acceptance, the 3 professionally recorded MP3s are relaxing and perfect for everyone. They will assist in the mindset of wellness and  self care, and override the old thinking around dieting and deprivation (which didn't work.) 

NB: Please do not listen while driving.

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BONUS! (Value $679.00)

The 7  unique "Mindfulness Mastery" micro-courses: designed to create weight and wellness success in mind and body, using  amazing techniques  and ideas that you will not find anywhere else.  Mindfulness will rewire the brain, over time and resulpt mind and body.

The brain loves fresh ideas and information and is over the toxic overload of conflicting advice, so nourish your brain!

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VIP Discounts (value $1097.00)

Members receive a massive 50% off the  empowering Weight , Wellness and Wisdom Retreat, where you will release weight as you enjoy massages, activities, delicious food as you release weight (you will)!

Also, 50% off  hypnotherapy  sessions for cravings, addictions, IBS,  stress, anxiety and trauma.

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Best of all: the support of likeminded people in the facebook group: share successes, fails, news...

Memberships Explained

This short video will change your life:

Money Back guarantee

 There is absolutely no obligation to continue your membership; you are not locked in for 12 months and can opt out  after a month if you are not 100% delighted and your money will be refunded. 

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