Hi, I'm Anne, and I'm passionate about transforming lives:

and helping women who are fed up and frustrated by not reaching their goals of weight and wellness

Weight management and wellness does not need to be a struggle. Having worked with many stressed, frustrated people  who were using an all or nothing approach to their problems (dieting / sabotage / dieting / repeat), I have created a dynamic, integrated approach that is based on enjoyment.

And: it works! People feel lighter and more energised immediately.

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The Dynamic Approach:

It is as important to work with the mind as it is to work with the body when it comes to weight and wellness. We tend to blame the stomach, and many clients will say , ruefully,  after a lap-band procedure: "It was my mind all along!" 

I integrate my experience as a counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and  Havening Techniques practitioner  to create a wide range of resources to transform your thinking, feelings and beliefs around weight and wellness, so it will be simple to nourish yourself and care for your body and mind.

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