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Your free "Release and Resculpt" e-session awaits you: a 30 minute opportunity to discuss your biggest frustrations with weight and wellness specialist Anne Holleley. 

 You will discover a transformational strategy to empower you to lighten your body, lighten your mind and lighten your life.

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The system you need to get a fresh new recipe for weight, wellness and wisdom as you journey to the ideal you!

Meet Weight and Wellness Specialist Anne Holleley:

Each day I have people reaching out for help, frustrated with their struggles with dieting, exercise and yo yo-ing weight .

As a counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist I have distilled the essence of how to reset patterns of self sabotage and overeating, using a dynamic, evidence based approach, into the "Well Power Diet System" program, as you journey to the ideal you, with a 12 month Membership .

My promise: you will become the ideal shape and size over 12 months, and you will feel great!

And the best part is:

No more diets!

With years of success and experience  in weight and wellness issues, I  help people succeed in their goals by creating a fresh new mindset around nourishing themselves in the best way possible, getting active and feeling great!

I have  integrated and refined this membership program after helping hundreds of people succeed, as they get away from diets; surgery and the frustration of yoyo weight management.

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You will succeed!

As a "Well Power Diet System" Member you are supported with an  amazing  kit of online resources over your transformational year. These unique tools  are designed to rewire the brain away from the old thoughts, feelings and beliefs that keep you stuck in the same ways of doing things. with the same results on repeat.

The secret sauce?

Wisdom, as you empower yourself with a fresh new mindset around eating well as you release weight.

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Supported always!

Join a dynamic online group of wise women who are fed up with tired old weight loss strategies, and the associated stress.

This program has been distilled from the leaders in the field of compassionate weight management and is safe for anyone. 

Using a biological approach to the problem of weight gain, you are supported to discover the ideal way to get the body vitally energised and back to optimal size and shape.


Money Back Guarantee

There is absolutely no obligation to continue your membership; you are not locked in for 12 months and can opt out  after a month if you are not 100% delighted, and your money will be refunded.

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The information contained in the Weight and Wellness Website and Membership Program does not purport to be in any way a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment: please consult with your doctor and health team to discuss your  safest health options.

If you are concerned that you may have an eating disorder please get expert help at 

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